Why You Should Always Have Carpet Protector Applied to Your Carpet and Upholstery

There is a lot of confusion in the carpet cleaning industry about the benefits of carpet protector and the added value it gives expensive flooring and furnishings, giving you not only clean carpets but this will substantially add years to its useful life! Carpet does not wear out, it uglies out!

So that there is no longer any confusion, I will give you the facts!

Most nylon stain resist carpet is manufactured with 2 important protective properties. An acid dye blocker, which keeps many household stains such as food coloring like red dye in a beverage, is one of the properties. The second layer of protection is what is called a “fluorochemical” and its job is to resist dry soil. Resisting dry soil keeps the dirt from bonding to the fiber, plus it also protects the acid dye blockers.

What happens when this bonding takes place it starts to dull out the fiber, just like rubbing your carpet with sand paper! Ouch! Once the process starts the damage cannot be corrected! Please keep in mind to, that the protector applied at the factory should be reapplied because foot traffic can significantly reduce the amount of protector especially in the high traffic areas where protectant is needed the most!

Another reason the protector can be damaged is if uneducated, uniformed and sometimes unscrupulous carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals on the carpet, stripping the protector totally off!

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