How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

I get asked this question all the time, so let’s see if I can answer this question once and for all! I have people say to me that they haven’t had their carpet cleaned in ten years because they thought that if they had cleaned before that it would get dirty faster! NOT TRUE! This is a misconception! With the equipment and cleaning science, carpet can be cleaned and left with no dirt attracting residue, unlike early methods referred to as shampooing. When you shampoo your hair you have to rinse it! If you don’t, you know what happens!

Listen, the first and most important reason to clean you carpet is for the health benefits and then for the appearance! Carpet is unique in the fact that it acts as a filtration system in your home or office. This is actually good, because when the pollutants (dust, pollen, bacteria and many more indoor pollutants) that are in the air settle to the floor, they settle in the carpet keeping them from staying airborne, where you breathe! The next reason is for the appearance! It’s a fact that professional cleaning extends the life of your investment plus keeps indoor air healthier!

The answer to the question of cleaning frequencies depends on several factors. In the chart that I have included, which is the chart from the I.I.C.R.C. Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning, you can see for yourself how often you should have a professional cleaning!

Also, please keep in mind that most carpet manufactures state in their warranty information that the carpet must be cleaned at least once a year to keep the warranty intact!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Frequency Chart

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