5 Questions to Consider When Hiring A Carpet upholstery Cleaning Company

1. What kind of experience do they have?

David cleaning a tile back splashNot all experience is good! It must be good experience! You wouldn’t go to a doctor or a mechanic for example, unless you knew what they were excellent at what they do. Do they have the proper training? I have been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning services for over 20 years and am certified by the IICRC and a proud member of Ethical Services. The IICRC is the pinnacle certification to have in this profession and also is your protection when looking for a qualified firm. . Aside from a strict code of ethics that I adhere to, I continually stay on top of the latest advancements in the cleaning industry. We must present accurate and honest information to the consumer. Maintain adequate liability insurance and licensingand have a written complaint policy. DO NOT hire a company that is not an IICRC certified firm! After all, there is no substitute for experience and training!

2. Do they guarantee their work?

Over the Top Cleaning Services offers a 100% Money Bank Guarantee on all carpet and upholstery cleaning services. In the unlikely event you are not thrilled with the results there is no charge. Period! “My Professional Best is Your Guarantee!. The best warranty in the business. Listen, this is how I make my living! If I didn’t stand behind my work, I would not be in business still. So, here is my personal guarantee to you. If for ANY REASON reason you don’t feel as though I gave it my professional best (based on expectations we previously agreed on), I will reclean the area free of charge or refund your money plus give you a 100 dollar US Savings Bond for your inconvenience!

3. What system do they use? Are their cleaning detergents safe for my family and home?

Over the Top Cleaning Services only uses the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning systems on the market today and insist on the best equipment and cleaning detergents. We use Hot Water Extraction. Hot water extraction removes the most contaminets like most germs, bacteria, tracked in soil etc. Did you know that the major carpet manufactures specify this process only! Do Not Lose Your Carpet Warranty. We do not leave excess moisture in the carpet or sticky residue behind. As a matter of fact all the cleaning detergents are C.R.I. Gold Cleaning Seal, This assures you of the absolute best cleaning and safety. The cleaning agents I use are a lot more that just soap! They are specialized Bio Degradable Detergents that must meet this rating. You get the very best there is! Also, please be aware that by using the wrong chemicals on your expensive carpet can damage the stain resistance and drastically reduce the carpets longevity, not to mention what could be left behind also.That’s where education and continuously changing up to date information come in. Many of the major carpet mills now require you to have your carpet cleaned by a IICRC CERTIFIED FIRM, or risk losing your warranty on your new carpet.

4. Do they have good referrals from past clients?

I always ask for references before hiring a company myself. It’s for your protection! Companies can tell you what they want to, but
references gives you a much better idea of a company’s performance! As I mentioned earlier, a service “stranger” is coming, someone whom you probably don’t know is going to be working in your home. Can they be trusted around your possessions and your family? I will be more than happy to give you all the references you’d like! In fact, I encourage you to contact some of my previous clients. They are my cheerleaders, so why wouldn’t I want you to? What better way to earn your trust and your business!

5. Are they licensed, bonded, and do they have adequate liability insurance?

Any legitimate carpet and upholstery cleaning business will have these important coverages! This is for your protection! Check these out yourself. Over the Top Cleaning Services carries $1,000,000 worth of liability coverage and carry all the papers with me, and will show them to you when I arrive.