5 Reasons Carpet Protector Can Save Your Carpet

1. Reduces permanent staining

You probably already know that all it takes is 1 Ugly Spot in the middle of the room, to ruin your carpet! Don’t forget that unprotected carpet won’t repel these stains like protected carpet. Plus, it gives you more time to blot the spill up before it works it’s way deeper into the carpet!

2. Helps Keep Your Traffic Areas From Being Ruined

The soil in the traffic areas acts like sand paper in your carpet. Remember that protector keeps dirt from attaching itself to the fiber. This allows the dirt to be easily vacuumed out! Here’s a perfect example of why vacuuming is the most critical step in the cleaning and maintenance process. Picture a small pile of dirt on the floor. The dirt will vacuum easily from the carpet! Now add some water to the sand and see how easily it vacuums up. Surprise, what a mess!

3. Spots Can Be Removed Much Easier

Spot can be removed with much less work and time. Most of the time just blotting with a towel and water! It doesn’t get any simpler than that! Another common problem is leaving soil attracting residues that get left behind, only to have to spot come back much sooner!

4. Your next cleaning will produce better results

Much more soil gets extracted from you floors the next time they are professionally cleaned!

5. Helps to prevents costly service calls

Most spots and spills can be easily blotted up and quickly removed by you! Rarely will you not be able to get them out without calling us out. Even if you have Only 1 one spot, the investment in protectant could easily pay for itself many times over!

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