100% Money Back Guaranteed Allergy Relief Treatment

Do you suffer from allergies, asthma or other repertory illness? Over 70 million Americans do! One of the biggest issues of indoor air quality is the fact that the air in your home or office may be causing you more of a problem, because the air doesn’t get refreshed! Dust Mites and pet allergens can be the biggest culprit and people with allergies (even mild cases) can suffer the reactions and allergic illnesses such as asthma and sinusitis. I suffered from these myself and I know how miserable this can be!

Relief can yours! Now, there is a revolutionary anti allergy solution! Reduce pet and dust mite allergen levels by 90% or more. This new process involves a special cleaning detergent that is first used to clean the carpet. The 2nd step is the application of the Allergy Relief Treatment™. This treatment actually changes the allergens themselves, so the body no longer recognize the allergen and you no longer get the reaction to it. Please Note: that in order to receive the benefits of the treatment, you should already have been diagnosed by your doctor to be allergic to these allergens. Otherwise the treatment will not produce the desired results!

Results can usually be seen in 3 days and possibly the first night! The Allergy Relief Treatment when correctly applied, can last for up to 6 months! In a severe case, it may be necessary to apply the treatment more often. It is safe around your family and pets and contains no dyes, odor, perfumes, phosphates, VOC’s, pesticides or mitacide and is biodegradable. The treatment is actually made from fruit and vegetables seeds!

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